RMC 2024 Membership and ACU Licence Renewal

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Richmond Motor Club uses the ACU Sport 80  for all 2024 Club memberships, to join the club click  HERE

Once you have joined the club, complete your licence by opening the members details tab within your profile, remembering to add your licence when prompted, then pay by following the prompt or clicking on the basket at the top right. We found it easier to disable auto renewal to complete the process.

If you have more than one member in an account, repeat the process from the link above for the second person.

Anyone one struggling, feel free to ring RMC on  07759277080 for advice.


SACU and Overseas riders wishing to ride ACU events using the Sport 80 system must have a registered account, membership and attached licence.

Before creating an account take a passport style picture and a picture of your overseas licence and store in your photo library.

1, Create an account with Sport 80 here.

2, Add Members Details and then choose Member Details (No Annual Payment) and then click next and go through the process, once done it should look like the picture below.  This process is free.

3, Add ACU Competitor Licence and choose either Trials Adult or Trials Youth (Scottish/Overseas Rider), then click next and choose Scottish SACU or overseas rider for organisation affiliation. Click next again and choose file and upload a copy of your SACU/Overseas licence then complete the process.


4, Finally add personal documentation, member photograph, follow the process through and upload your passport style photo. When all this is complete it will show as pending awaiting approval from the ACU. To speed the process up click on the contact support button twice and send them a message asking them to action ASAP. Once your competition licence shows as current you are now able to enter ACU trials on the Sport 80 system.  If the system will not let you its because the club has not added SACU/Overseas licence as a requirement, contact the event organiser for help.


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