We would like to thank everyone who kindly donated items to this year’s Scott Trial Charity Auction, as well as the generous folks who placed bids and bought items.

Our thanks also go to everyone who helped in making this year’s auction a success.

The total sum raised was a fantastic £4,897 towards Scott Trial Charities.


Trials Update:

Hardstyles Trial: This Sunday 24th of October ,


Venue: Marske, Richmond DL11 7NQ

Start Time 10.30,

Easy Clubman Course-Classes, Clubman, Over 40, Twin shock/Pre 65,YouthA,B&C.
Dead Easy Yellow Deviation Course-Classes, D Class Hard, Adult, Youth A,B&C.
Conducted Course for Youth Classes D and E.
Note-no white course at this event.

Entries are open till 5pm on Saturday the 23rd via the ACU website and by using the hyperlink below:


Eric Ridley Trial: 21st of November,

Venue: Tongue Hill, Marske, DL11 7NW

Start Time: 10.30

Hard course-Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A
Middle Course(50/50)-Adult & Youth Green A & B
Easy course-Clubman, O40,Twin shock and Pre65, Youth A & B.

NOTE: This is not a beginners/easy trial.

Entries are now available via the ACU website and by using the hyperlink below:

Eric Ridley

Any queries please contact Sandra Fowler on : 01969 624146





The Scott Trial results have now been revised, after picking up on a genuine error in the provisional results, which has now been resolved and amended.
Sincere apologies to those whose results were affected by this.

On behalf of Richmond Motor Club and The Scott Trial

Scott Trial 2021 – Provisional Results – Updated

Richmond Motor Club would like to give their congratulations to Jack Price for winning this year’s Scott Trial.

Provisional results are available to download here:

2021 Spoons and Final Results – 2nd update

2021 Special Awards

2021 Section by Section Analysis – 2nd update

2021 Scott Trial TIMES – updated

Full Teams results will be available as soon as possible.

As always we would like to thank all those who made this year’s trial happen – too many to mention – but especially the landowners without who’s permission we couldn’t run the greatest one day trial in the world and the observers who stood out all day!   Special thanks must also go to all the riders and supporters who make the trial such a great event and help us to raise so much money each year for the Scott Charities.