About RMC

Richmond Motor Club, hereinafter referred to as RMC, was established some 80 years ago as a car club regularly holding rallies and treasure hunts. The first trial was held in the 50’s since then the club has enjoyed a very successful track record for providing regular, good quality, professionally managed trials events.

Some 20 trials are run every year, and are designed to provide a challenge for all abilities and age groups.

Over the last few years the club has seen an increase in the popularity of the sport and consequently a corresponding increase in the membership.

RMC are very privileged to be based in rural North Yorkshire where the trials are run in some of the most beautiful and scenic, and challenging, terrain in the country.

RMC are also very privileged to have strong and continuing good working relationships with local landowners whose permission to ride on their land is key to the existence of the sport.

30 years ago RMC also took on the responsibility of organising the infamous “Scott Trial”, still the longest one day trial in the world, and probably the biggest physical and mental challenge of ones life to many of its competitors.

RMC has always paid particular attention to its young riders, providing regular events for small wheel riders, an annual two day training school for school boys & girls, and numerous other events, providing encouragement, support and guidance along the way.

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