Entries are available to the below trials via the ACU SPORT 80 using the links below. You need to have a current License and membership

To do your  2023 club RMC membership only, follow this link.

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If you can not enter a trial and you have joined and done your license there’s a problem with your license, contact Darren on 07759277080 to sort it.

February 19th 2023

Harold Graham Memorial Trial – Cogden Hall

Location: Cogden Hall, Richmond, DL11 6HT

Start Time 10.30


Hard Course – Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A

Clubman A – (50/50) – Adult and Youth A & B

Clubman B – CM, O40, Twin Shock, Pre 65, Youth A & B

Conducted – C, D and E

Entry Here


February 26th 2023

Dick Horner Memorial Trial – Wensley

Location: Wensley, Nr Leyburn, DL8 4HP

Start Time 10.30


Hard Course – Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A

Clubman A – (50/50) – Adult and Youth A & B

Clubman B – CM, O40, Twin Shock, Pre 65, Youth A B & C

Conducted – D and E

Entry Here


April 8th 2023

ACU Belle Trailers Youth National

Location: Fremington, Reeth, Richmond, North Yorks, DL11 6AU

Start Time 9-9.30 TBC


Youth A, B, C & D

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Catering will be available for the above trials


A full list of RMC 2023 events can be found here

Other trial dates which will be going live on the system very soon:

March the 19th – Andrew Allison – Telfit

April the 2nd – Iron Banks – Richmond

April the 9th – Sid Morton Memorial Trial – Fremington

April the 30th – Carpley Green – Bainbridge

March the 14th – ACU S3 Parts National Trial – Gerald Simpson – Carlton in Coverdale











Provisional Results: Park Gate Farm Trial: 20.01.2023 ACU: 200180

Photo Credit: Josh Dent


Please find attached Provisional results for todays trial: Parkgate Farm 2023  


Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the landowners, observers, the lads that marked out, Secretary and anyone else involved in the running of today’s trial. Also thank
you to all the riders for entering and taking part. Very hard conditions today.  Thank you for taking part with the Sport 80 test trial, it has helped us to understand the system more.

NEXT EVENTS: Can be found on the Richmond Motor Club website Calendar.


Trials Update:

This is a one off trial for RMC to access how the Sport 80 system works and for riders how to navigate / enter trials.  Any riders struggling that have joined the club but can’t enter, please look at the 2023 membership page on our website and confirm that all areas of your license are current i.e. Member Details, Club and Team Affiliations, Medical Documentation and Personal Documentation, these could be preventing your license from being current and requiring actions.

Park Gate Farm – 22.01.2023

Note: This is a closed to club event, you can join RMC here. Anyone that is not a member will be rejected.

Hard course-Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A

Clubman A -Middle Course(50/50)-Adult & Youth Green A & B

Clubman B – O40,Twin shock and Pre65, Youth A & B.

Please note youth riders aged 16 and over riding machines greater than 125cc must enter an adult class.

Note: This is not a beginners/easy trial.

Restricted entries to 50

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