Mintex Trophy Trial 2018 – Rider list as of today

With just under 2 weeks to go until this years Mintex Youth Time & Observation Trial we would like to dispel the rumors that seem to have been going around that the trial is not going to run due to lack of numbers

Entries have still not closed yet and we have 49 riders to date which is a great number and the trial is DEFINITELY ON!

Please check the list of riders (in alphabetical order – numbers have not yet been drawn) Mintex Entries received to 5th June 2018 to make sure that if you have entered we have received your entry.  If you would still like to ride, there are places left so please download an entry form and send it in asap.  Mintex Entry Form 2018      Mintex Regs 2018

Keep an eye out on the website for more information and the programme etc.  We will be emailing out final instructions to the riders later on next weekend.

If anyone would like to help/observe/marshall, please email

Crab Tree Farm Provisional Results 3.6.2018 ACU:53748

Provisional Results for todays trial can be downloaded here:  Crabtree Farm 2018

Thank You’s

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the Landowner, Observers, Caterers, Clerk of the Course and helpers.  Thank you to Dave and Paul Astwood for sorting the conducted course, Secretary and anyone else involved in the running of today’s trial. Also thank you to all the riders for entering and taking part today.


Mintex Youth Time & Observation Trial  at Hurst 17th June 2018 – Places still available – Pre Entry download and send in your entries asap.

July 8th 2018 – Applegarth Trial, Marske – Easy Clubman/Youth Trial/Small Course

Youth Training School 1st & 2nd August 2018 Cogden Hall, Grinton, send in your application asap.

Crabtree Farm, Gilling West, 3rd of June, ACU:53748

A quick reminder for this weekend’s trial to be held at Crabtree Farm, Gilling West. Entry form is available to down load here: Entry Form – Crabtree 2018

The new white course will be available at this trial which is a non championship hard course (no points just for fun / challenge) for adults and youth riders.

Easy Clubman/Youth Trial – 3rd June 2018 – Crabtree, Gilling West – DL10 5JD – 10.30am Start – Catering at the start field.

Any questions contact Sandra Fowler: 01969 624146


Blue Bar 2018 – Provisional Results

Blue Bar 2018 – CEB Photography

Another great weekend at the RMC annual Blue Bar Trophy Trial.  2 great days trialing in Coverdale in the glorious sunshine.  So good in fact that it has made the results later than normal, as a stop off at the pub on the way home led to the delays!   The Provisional Results and Awards are available to download here:   Blue Bar 2018 Provisional Results       Blue Bar Awards 2018-Awards

Congratulations to Richard Allen for winning the Blue Bar Trophy this year.


Many thanks as always to all who helped this weekend, Clerk of the Course and helpers, observers, secretaries etc its much appreciated and thank you to the landowners and riders for making it all possible.  Get well soon to Paul Wright one of our observers this weekend, and thanks to Jaxx for stepping in to fill the gap.

Future Events

 Easy Clubman/Youth Trial – 3rd June 2018 – Crabtree, Gilling West – DL10 5JD – 10.30am Start – Catering at the start field.

Mintex Youth Time & Observation Trial at Hurst 17th June 2018 – Places still available – Pre Entry so download and send in your entries asap.

Youth Training School – 1st & 2nd August 2018– Cogden Hall, Grinton Places still available –download and send in your application asap.

Blue Bar 2018

2017 Display of Bikes

With the Blue Bar 2018 Trial only a few hours away, you can download a rider list in numerical order here:  Rider List in Numerical Order  and also a programme of riders, classes, bikes and clubs here:  Blue Bar 2018 Programme  Each rider will get a programme with their rider number when they sign on in the morning.

Saturdays trial starts at 12am with Sunday an earlier start of 10.30am.

Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.