Members update:

To all our members,

We are holding a Sunday lunch at Tennants for our Land owners to thank them for their continued support of Richmond Motor Club and allowing us to use their land.  If any RMC members would like to join us the cost for lunch is £33.  Please contact Ann Weatherill before the 15th of November Tel: 01677 450143

Usually we would hold our Youth Presentation in December but after discussions we have decided that we are going to present the youth trophies on the same night as the adult trophies.  The date for this is Friday the 20th of January and will be held at the Wensleydale Rugby Club near Leyburn.  More details to follow.

If anyone has any Richmond Motor Club trophies or flags please could they hand them in at either an up and coming trial, or make arrangements with Sandra: tel 07719921154 or 01969 624146

Also we are looking for people to help with some roles, for further information contact Sandra

In the next few weeks the ACU are launching a new online data base (Sport 80) please ensure all your details, including contact details are correct on the online system as they will be transferred over to the new system.

Thank you

Our next Trials are:

Eric Ridley Memorial Trial: November the 20th

Starts: 10:30 am

Location: DL11 7NW, Hurst, Richmond DL11 7NW,

Description: Hard course-Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A

Clubman A Course(Green)-Adult & Youth Green A & B

Clubman B course-Clubman, O40,Twin shock and Pre65, Youth A & B.

Not suitable for beginners.

ACU Event Entry Link 


Christmas Trial-Swan Farm Redmire: December the 3rd

Starts: 13.00pm

Location: DL8 4HA, Redmire, Leyburn

Description: White Course for adult and youth (Equivalent Green Course)

Easy Clubman Course-Classes, Clubman, Over 40, Twin shock/Pre 65,YouthA,B&C.

Dead Easy Yellow Deviation Course-Classes, D Class Hard, Adult, Youth A,B&C.

Conducted Course for Youth Classes D and E.

This event will go live soon


Albert Shaw Memorial Trial: Boxing Day 

Starts: 10:30 am

Location: DL11 7NW, Hurst, Richmond DL11 7NW,

Description:Hard course-Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A Middle Course(50/50)-Adult & Youth Green A&B

Easy course-Clubman, O40,Twin shock and Pre65, Youth A & B.

Conducted Course for Youth Classes C, D and E.

Please note youth riders aged 16 and over riding machines greater than 125cc must enter an adult class.

NOTE: This is not a beginners/easy trial.

ACU Event Entry Link

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