14th October 2020 – Statement from the Chairman

RMC statement

Many thanks to all our members for their ongoing patience. It has been, and still is a difficult and unusual time that we are all facing with the ongoing COVID pandemic. Trying to find a balance between ensuring safety and living our lives is not easy.

Following a recent meeting of the committee, RMC has reached the decision that sadly we will not be running any trials for the remainder of 2020, given the current worsening situation.

We are however, making the most of the next few weeks and putting together plans for next year’s calendar and looking at the format of how future trials will run, in order that we comply with the guidelines in place- the details of which will be thrashed out in the coming weeks.

We do appreciate there will be people who say that other clubs are running trials (even in “our backyard.”). We however have taken the difficult decision that RMC must act responsibly and not invite people into, what is at the moment, a relatively unaffected area. We all have a responsibility to limit the spread of this disease and one way to do this is by limiting unnecessary gatherings and travel.

Please keep checking the website for developments and plans for the future events. We value your continued support and our hope is that by behaving responsibly now, we can ensure the future of trials in our area. We sincerely hope that this will be sooner rather than later.

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