Memberships: Memberships for 2022 are now only available via the ACU online system, non riders wishing to join the club can by completing this form RMC-Non-Rider-Membership-Form-2022-1 We have full list of provisional events planned for 2022 and will be running a championship for all ages and abilities throughout the year.

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank you for your support through out 2021 and would also thank you in advance for joining the club in 2022.

For help and more information contact Sandra Fowler on tel 01969624146 or email sandra.fowler@richmondmotorclub.com

Helpfull guide for the ACU online licencing / membership applications.

Please note there is NO need for affiliation codes from RMC when using the online system.

Go to:

  • View / Renew my licence
  • Tick renew my 2022 ACU licence
  • Begin your renewal
  • Select appropriate red box
  • Update details
  • Tick Richmond Motor Club 2022 membership
  • Choose applicable Classes
  • Complete Medical and Decleration pages
  • Proceed to payment



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