Day 1 Results – Reeth 3 Day Trial 2012

A fantastic course and sections plotted for the first day of the 2012 Reeth 3day trial resulted in a shock for last years winner Richard Sadler as he was beaten by 1 mark by the legend that is Dan Thorpe.
Andy Chilton also had a storming ride to claim joint second place with Sadler on the first day.

Sean Isherwood and Andrew Tales are level losing only 10 marks on the clubman course with Paul Sadler following closely on 13 marks lost.

The sections and course were great for the first day with riders visiting some famous Scott trial sections such as Goats along the way!

Reeth 3 Day Trial 2012 – Day 1 Results

Day 2 is a completely different course mainly in Arkengarth Dale and promises to be mainly rocky streams and gills so tomorrows results could be even more interesting!

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