Trials Update:

Entries below are available via the link’s or on the ACU website

Park Rash Centre Trial:

August 21st

GE Brown and Son Trophy Trial

Starts: 10:30 am

Location: Park Rash, Kettlewell, Skipton BD23 5RP,

Description: Championship Route; Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A. Clubman A Route; Over 45 Expert, Over 45 Inter, Novice & Youth B. Clubman B Route; Novice.

Restricted to 100

Entries.Riders may enter a lower course on a non-competitive basis, but priority will be given to championship riders in the event of over Subscription. Event entry link  

This is not an easy trial   


Carlton, Easy Clubman Trial:

August 29th

Starts: 10:30 am

Location: Carlton, Leyburn , DL8 4BG

Description:  Easy Clubman Course – Classes, Clubman, Over 40, Twin shock/Pre 65,YouthA,B&C.
Dead Easy Yellow Deviation Course-Classes, D Class Hard, Adult, Youth A,B&C.
Conducted Course for Youth Classes D and E.
White Course for adult and youth (Equivalent Green Course)
ACU Event Entry Link


Mintex Trophy Trial:

September 11th

Starts: 8:30 am

Location: Hurst, Richmond, DL11 7NW

Description: Youth A & B Class only- Time and Observation Trial.
See supplementary regulations for full details.
This event is not suitable for novice riders.
Event entry link  

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