Provisional Results: Sid Morton Memorial Trial, ACU:200456, 9.4.23


Adrian Harrison Clubman B Course Winner

Please find attached todays provisional results: Sid Morton Memorial Trial 2023


Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the landowner’s, observers for coming out on Easter Sunday and giving their time up for the riders, the lads that marked out, Roast Inn caterers, Secretary and anyone else involved in the running of today’s trial. Also thank you to all the riders for entering and taking part.

It has been a very busy weekend, and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

NEXT EVENT: Carperley Green – Bainbridge DL8 3DN Starts: 10:30 am

Description: Hard course-Exp/Int/Nov & Youth A
Clubman A Course(Green)-Adult & Youth Green A & B
Clubman B course-Clubman, O40,Twin shock and Pre65, Youth A & B. Competent C
Not suitable for beginners. Restricted to 70 entries. ONLY 1 left

Photos: are available on Charlotte Brown’s and Neil Sturgeon’s Face Book pages and on our media page (on the website) from Rob Blueman and Chloe Fowler.

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