Reeth 3 Day – Cancellation – further information

Following on from the sad decision to cancel this year’s Reeth 3 Day trial the committee have decided that riders on the entry list as of Wednesday morning – 4th July 2018  – will all have a guaranteed entry in the 2019 Reeth 3 Day with a provisional date of 19th, 20th & 21st July 2019 and will not have to go through next year’s ballot. We will hold the £90 entry fee from this year to pay for your ride.  If you do not wish to take up this offer, we are of course happy to fully refund your £90 and take you off the list.  Those on the current waiting list will have first chance of these released places, in waiting list order.  If there are still places available after this we will open entries again next year to fill the final spaces.

The list showing the riders is available to download here:  Reeth 3 Day 2018 – Entries as at 4th July 2018 – Cancellation List

Many of you will have made travel and accommodation arrangements for this year’s Reeth 3 Day and if you need an official cancellation letter to help with refunds/insurance claims etc we are happy to do this.

We will be emailing riders individually over the next few days and ask that you please look out for the email (check your spam folder) and then reply with your decision.  If you don’t receive an email please let us know by emailing

Everyone here at Richmond Motor Club are really disappointed that we had to cancel, but hope that you fully understand our position.

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