Andrew Allison Memorial Trial – Provisional Results – UPDATED (Rider course change)

Andrew Allison Memorial Trophy

Another great day of Sport for Richmond Motor Club with the Andrew Allison Memorial Trial held in sunny Swaledale.  Once again we have had a fantastic entry, big thanks to everyone for coming from far and wide for today’s trial.  We have had a bike stand handed in, please contact for details.  The Updated Provisional Results can be downloaded here (updated for Joseph Hutchinson riding the Hard Course not Green) : Andrew Allison Memorial Trial 2019 – Provisional Results

Thank You’s

Richmond Motor Club would like to thank the Landowner, Observers, Clerk of the Course and helpers, Secretaries and anyone else involved in the running of today’s trial. Also thank you to all the riders for entering and taking part.

Future Trials:

Kidstones – SATURDAY 6th April – 1pm Start  (Note date change) – Adult/Green/Clubman and Competent C Class

Sid Morton (Fremington Edge) – Good Friday (19th April) – 10.30 am Start – Adult/Green/Clubman and Competent B Class

Easter Monday (Iron Banks) – Easter Monday (22nd April) – 10.30 am Start – Easy Clubman and Youth Trial

Carperley Green – Sunday 28th April – 10.30 Start – Adult/Green/Clubman and Competent C Class

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