Reeth 3 Day – Friday Provisional Results

Here are the provisional results for Friday – rider order and course order for those of you who can’t make it to the start field.  After torrential rain this morning, the sun is now out and we await the remainder of the observer cards and will put up Saturday’s results as soon as we can.  Many thanks to everyone (observers, riders, organisers etc etc) for keeping going today under difficult circumstances.  Lets hope tomorrows weather is a little kinder!

Friday Course Order Scores           Friday Rider Order Scores



Reeth 3 Day Rider update and contact number over the Weekend.

Latest & hopefully the last updated rider list is here:  Reeth 3 Day 2017 Latest Updated Rider List – Start Times and Numbers   Please could all those who have been given rides over the last week or so CHECK your number and start times as they may have changed from the provisional number we gave you verbally.

From 7.30am on Friday 21st July, the only way to contact the organisers to let us know if you have any problems will be on the RMC mobile phone.  Please use this number over the weekend.


Have a great weekend everyone.


Reeth 3 Day and Training School Updates

As you can see by the counter there is just over 7 days to go to the 2017 Reeth 3 Day!  There have been a few recent drop outs and therefore the waiting list has reduced to just over 20.  Please have a look at the new rider list – numbers and start times, especially if you have just been allocated a ride and are unsure of your number.  The updated waiting list is at the bottom.   Reeth 3 Day 2017 Updated Rider List – Start Times and Numbers.

Training School – All is underway for this years training school and all you lucky riders will be receiving your information over the next couple of days, so don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything yet.    If you need any more information or don’t hear anything by early next week, please get in touch with Pam Braithwaite by emailing

It looks like being an exciting month, just need to book the weather. 

Reeth 3 Day 2017 – Rider Number, Start Times & Final Instructions

With just over 3 weeks (21 days according to the counter!!) to go until this years Reeth 3 Day here are a few updates for you.

Rider numbers have now been allocated and a list of riders, their numbers and start times for each day can be downloaded here:    Reeth 3 Day 2017 Rider List – Start Times and Numbers

There is still a large waiting list so please let us know asap if you can no longer ride.

Final Instructions can be downloaded here:  Reeth 3 Day Final Instructions 2017 Please read these carefully as they are full of all the information you should need to enjoy your weekend.

Final call for Carvery tickets for the Friday night.  Please remember that tickets will not be available on the weekend and the closing date for tickets is 1st July – please email with your completed form CarveryTickets and Shirt Order Form 2017 as well as sending payment through the post.

Finally anyone with any cups from last year please could you contact our awards secretary Vicki Andrew on to arrange their return for engraving.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 21st July – lets hope we get great weather too, and not rain like yesterday!